Murder in Middleton

06 Aug
Murder in Middleton

Cover art by George Bailey at

Welcome everyone, I’ve finally decided to write a blog so everyone can find me in one place instead of various places I work all over the web.  I hope this central location, along with a simple domain address, makes it easy for everyone!

I spent this past weekend publishing my novel that I wrote back in 2006.  While some of you have read parts of it on the Internet, I’ve changed a few things and published it in paperback form, as well as formatted it for iPad and the Nook on Barnes & Noble.  It will soon be available and on the Kindle soon.  I’m toying with the idea of an audio book format, but I haven’t finalized that play as of yet.  The book title is Murder in Middleton.  

I made a few changes due to the theft of this particular book during this past year, though that has been resolved, for now.  Apparently it was believed to be in the public domain, perhaps due in part to another individual with my same surname, Charlotte Gerber Turner, who is no longer with us.  I can assure you that I am very much alive and well, and my books are not in the public domain.

I am now turning my attention to completing my other two novels in progress, one of which is a humorous book on zombies that I hope to have out around Christmas.  Now that I have this nifty blog, I’ll keep fans and friends in the loop about its progress.

Here is the link to my bookstore for the paperback and Nook versions:  Murder in Middleton.

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